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New Banjo Basics Course – Enroll Now!

Enroll NOW:  On-Line Banjo Basics Course  Introductory Offer:  $59.50 US dollars per year (that’s less than $5/month).    Save over 20% off regular price.  Offer expires July 31, 2017.  Once you enroll, you will be contacted and given a password to access the private website.  Enroll now and start learning how to play the banjo.  To enroll, click on the PayPal button below; or call 816-224-2330 or email to: banjobarron@sbcglobal.net

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This course is packed with everything you need to start learning how to play the banjo.  The course includes 16 videos,  printable practice worksheets, FAQ’s, reference diagrams, links,  tips and tools, and 12 months of FREE course updates.  There are five self-paced lessons available 24/7.  Topics include:

  • Getting Ready (orientation, tuning, picking techniques with exercises)
  • How to read Banjo Tablature
  • Proper Counting and Timing
  • Playing Six Banjo Rolls
  • Playing your first Bluegrass Song
  • Click here for more details about each topic:  Course Descriptions
  • Enroll Now by clicking the PayPal button below.

The proprietary content in this course is fundamental to becoming a good banjo player and creates a wonderful foundation to build your skills.  Even though is designed for new banjo players, it is also a good choice for experienced players that want to re-fresh the basic TIMING skills.   This is a fun course and even has a skill assessment that you can take anytime.   The course is hosted on a private password website and you can have access to  a experienced banjo coach to help answer your questions.

With your enrollment, you receive FREE course updates for 12 months.   This is a global course and is perfect for any time zone, and for those with busy work schedules that make traditional face to face lessons impractical.

Imagine learning to play the banjo at your pace, on your schedule, at your convenience.   On-line learning is to your benefit because you can replay the videos as much as you want.  There are many exercises that you can print or view them on-line all for your preference.

This course is designed with the utmost flexibility in mind.  It uses proven learning techniques of hearing, seeing, and doing.  It is my goal to provide self-paced education that works and is affordable globally.  Why not make 2015 your year to start building your banjo skills?  It is a happy instrument and I play it because I love the unique sound.  Please enroll now by clicking on the PayPal button below. 

Any questions please email:  banjobarron@sbcglobal.net or Call 816-224-2330.

Coming Soon! – On Line Banjo Lessons

Hello banjo enthusiasts.  In early 2013 I will be officially launching a Banjo Learning Suite that consists of three On-Line Banjo Lessons which are actually education courses.  The three courses are:  Banjo Basics, Banjo Back Up, and Banjo Lead.   It is open to anyone that wants more self-paced learning that is  available 24/7 so you can access the content at anytime that is convenient to you.  

Once you enroll, you are provided an  annual subscription to a “private” banjo education website.  The subscription includes FREE banjo lesson updates  all year long.  Each banjo course is filled with diagrams, tips and tools, practice worksheets,  lots of training videos, frequently asked questions, self-assessments, interaction with other banjo players and lots of great banjo links that could offer you some discounts.  

All of the On-Line Banjo lessons or courses allows you to “dig deeper” and increase your skills faster.  You can learn faster because you can watch the videos as many times as you want, and print out the worksheets.  You can also learn from reading answers to frequently asked questions.  You are provided email access to a  personal “banjo coach” to help address your specific needs. 

As a member, don’t be surprised if you get asked to participate in a “contest” because I want this to be a great place to learn but also have some fun along the way.   Who knows, there could even be some rewards to the winners!

I am very excited about the “On Line Banjo Lessons” subscription because it can be a powerful tool to help YOU become a better banjo player in a shorter amount of time.  Check it out now:  Banjo Education Website for the new promotional pricing.

More updates will be forthcoming!