Banjo Back Up

Banjo Back-Up on line Course – $100/year  Promo Price $79.50/year.  You get  FREE banjo lesson updates all year.

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At this level you should have a pretty good list of simple songs that you can play down the neck.  This course is designed to help teach you back-up techniques for the banjo which is 80-90% of what banjo player does.   We will explore back-up techniques for the A and B parts of a song.  You should also be comfortable playing at local jams on a regular basis.  In addition, you can learn chord patterns up the neck that can really expand your capability.

  • Lesson 1 – Chord Patterns
    • 3 standard formations
    • Major Key Chords
    • Standard Progressions
    • Intro to Music Theory (chords and scales)
  • Lesson 2 – Back up Techniques
    • Playing with others (don’t play on top of the lead player)
    • Vamping with exercises up and down the neck
    • Rolls
    • Passing Tones
    • Syncopation (off beat)
  • Lesson 3 –  Up the neck banjo rolls for back up
    • Forward
    • Backward
    • Common Variations
  • Lesson 4 – Fill-in Licks and Endings
    • Standard
    • Ascending & Descending
    • Overkill Create your own
  • Lesson 5 – Applying back-up techniques in Songs 
    • More than just vamping
    • Accompanying the Lead Instrument
  • Lesson 6 – Play along with style
    • Provide Tracks
    • 3 songs for backup