Banjo Courses

On-Line Banjo Learning Suite Introduction:   The Banjo Learning Suite is a package of three individual on-line courses.  They are designed to help you improve your skill level faster.   The design uses a proven three step method:  learn about it, play along, and repeat.   In other words it is a real “interactive” learning style.   The “learn by doing” method is one of the oldest and most effective techniques for learning any musical instrument.  Today with the internet, it is now possible to provide on-line video which is the next best thing to face to face private lessons.

The purpose in creating the On-Line Learning Suite is to make learning available 24/7 to those who have very dynamic work schedules as well as those taking face to face private lessons who want to dig deeper without scheduling extra lessons.   However, there is no substitute for getting a personal instructor to provide an objective assessment of your progress to ensure you are not developing bad practice habits that hinder your skill development.  Having access to a personal banjo coach is a big benefit and they can quickly assess what needs to be done to improve your skills and keep you on track.

NOTE: The Banjo Learning Suite is designed for Bluegrass Style music even though some aspects can be applied to many styles of music.

Learning Suite Course Descriptions:   There are three On-Line Banjo Courses becoming available in 2016 to purchase for an annual fee.  Each course is setup on a private website which requires a pre-assigned password for access to the lessons.   Call Bill @ 816-224-2330 to enroll NOW or email if you need additional questions or click the “Buy Now” PayPal button.

Click the links below to read about the content for each Course in the Banjo Learning Suite:

 ENROLL NOW:  Banjo Basics   $75/year  Promo Price $59.50/year.  Includes  FREE banjo lesson updates all year.  Click on the button below where you can pay with PayPal or Use your credit card. 

 Banjo Back Up  $100/year  Promo Price $79.50/year.  Includes FREE banjo lesson updates all year.

Banjo Lead  $125/year  Promo Price $99.50/year.  Includes  FREE banjo lesson updates all year.

Custom Courses are available and designed specifically for you.  Please give me a call at 816-224-2330 to discuss your needs.