Banjo Lead

Banjo Lead on-line Course $125/year  Promo Price $99.50 per year.  Includes  FREE banjo lesson updates all year.

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Hello and welcome!   At this level, you should now be able to play at any bluegrass jam and taking lead breaks on songs.  Also you should be ready to just hear a song a couple of times and then take an improvisational break during the jam session.  Sorry, no use of tablature at this skill level.   You may have a strong desire to be in bluegrass band or at least have been asked to play in a group.  At jam sessions, other banjo players will be watching you play and to try to learn by observation.

  • Lesson 1 – Using tuners
    • Types of tuners
    • Setting Tuners
  • Lesson 2 – Playing in different Tunings
    • D Tuning
    • Drop C Tuning
  • Lesson 3 – Playing without the capo
    • Advanced chord techniques
  • Lesson 4 – Listen for the chord changes
    • Using your ear
    • Sixteen measure songs
  • Lesson 5 – Different Techniques for variations in Part A and Part B
    • Lead breaks
    • What is a banjo breakdown?
  • Lesson 6 – Understanding different Banjo Styles
    • Scruggs
    • Melodic
    • Single String
    • Clawhammer
    • Nothing but licks
  • Lesson 7 – Improvisation
    • Play along songs –  7 tracks provided
    • Creating your own style
  • Lesson 8 – Next Steps
    • Your own Composition
    • Finding a topic
    • Mixing Melody and Lyrics
    • Breakdowns vs Non-Breakdowns