Jump Start your Practice Session!

Any new banjo player will practice a variety of basis “rolls” which is foundational to advancing to more embellished techniques using slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs.  However during the beginning stages most players get “bored” with just practicing “rolls”.  As a matter of fact, most family members, get real tired of hearing you play the same thing over and over, perhaps thousands of times.

The remedy for this is a device called a “banjo mute”.  Of course their are a variety of models to choose from.  If you really want the “cheap” version you can take a paper napkin and roll it up to a size of a small cigar and place it under the strings just in front of the bridge.  It is amazing how this works and still enables you to practice without driving everyone else crazy.  So the next time you want to jump start your practice session, just “roll your own” mute and while you are doing that, use your metronome with a headset.  Wah-lah!  Peace in the family and you are on your way to improving your skills.