Banjo Roll Video

The video below is one example of many videos available to you when you subscribe to the Banjo Learning Suite.   Learning to play Bluegrass Banjo is based on some fundamental three finger picking patterns (thumb, index, middle) of the right hand.  We call these “banjo rolls”.  They are a key building block to any banjo player from beginner to professional.  There are about 6-10 basic roll patterns that are used to play the banjo.   Below is a video of the alternating thumb roll).    Have fun and try to play along!

Below is an audio link for another standard forward roll #1 along with the tablature. All of these rolls should be practiced with a with a metronome.  You can start at 70 beats per minute (bpm) and gradually work your way up to 120-130 bpm which is a pretty common pace for bluegrass style playing.  If you don’t already know these rolls, give it a try and play along with me. Have fun!

Banjo Forward Roll Number 1 Audio Only